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Omo Valley Tours

Book authentic Omo Valley Tours with the best tour guide and operator in Ethiopia. Minalu Adem, the founder of Omo Valley Travel & Tours was born and raised in Jinka, South Omo Zone, SNNPR Ethiopia. Jinka is a small town in the middle of Omo Valley, Ethiopia. He worked as Omo Valley's local guide from 1999 - to 2001 while attending his last three years of high school education. From 2002 to 2008, he went to university and studied Business and Economics. Afterward, driven to return to his passion for working in tourism, he worked as a tour guide for the top Ethiopian tour operators. He has a great love for his country, mainly its culture and nature, and he's proud to show his beautiful country, particularly the Omo Valley, in such a unique way as by publishing books and offering immersion Omo Valley tours.
In 2014, he established a tour company called Omo Valley Tour and Travel, a local cultural tour operator outstretched from the Omo Valley of Southern Ethiopia. Working with local tribal communities in Omo Valley, We provide responsible and enriching cultural tours such as Omo Valley Tours from Jinka; Omo Valley tours from Addis Ababa; Omo Valley tours from Arba Minch, Omo Valley photography tours; Omo Valley tribes tours to Mursi, Hamar, Dassanech, Karo/Kara, Surma/ Suri, Nyangatom, Arbore and the other tribes of the Omo Valley.
Minalu published his first book "A Guide to the Tribes, Omo Valley" in 2014. The second volume of the guide was published in 2017, a new and improved version of the first edition featuring updated information and new photographs. Drawing on his experience and passion, he shares a lot of essential information about the history, traditions, customs, and much more about the incredible Omo Valley region. We hope that this information will enrich each reader’s / visitor’s experience and knowledge and create a deeper cross-cultural understanding.

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