Omo Valley Tours from Arba Minch by Omo Valley Travel & Tours, a local tribal tour guide & operator based in Arba Minch, Jinka & Addis Ababa. Arba Minch meaning 40 springs, is a very attractive place with two of the largest rift valley lakes. The crocodile market of Lack Chamo is a place you will defiantly want to see the minute you step into Arba Minch. The lake also contains a large population of Hippos and beautiful aquatic birds by Gangule Island. Next to the lake, there is white grassland filled which is home to Zebras called Netch Sar National Park. The park is home to several mammals and bird species including the Abyssinian Roller.

Check out our reviews of Omo Valley Tours from Arba Minch on TripAdvisor and book your tribal tour with us. In addition to visiting Arba Minch and the surroundings, you will explore Omo valley tribes in a unique way. you will visit the Mursi, Hamar, Karo (Kara), Dassanech, Banna, Arbore, etc. You will also explore the Dorze people and their village as well as the Konso village and Landscape by booking one of our Omo Valley Tours from Arba Minch.