Omo Valley Map

The Omo River Valley is one of the most remote places in the world, it is not easy to find a clear Omo Valley map. Most culture lovers enjoy the Omo Valley tours that we provide. However, there is no clear Omo Valley map that shows the location of either the tribes or the villages they live in. The tour map shows the locations of the Omo Valley tribes and the distance between towns in the region. 

Omo Valley Tribes Map

Tour map of Omo Valley
Map of the Omo River, Southern Ethiopia

About Author

Minalu Adem is the founder of Top Omo Valley Tours and the author of "A Guide to the Omo Valley Tribes", first published in 2014. He was born and educated up to high school in Jinka, the largest town in the Omo Valley region of southern Ethiopia, which is a central town for visiting the tribes. He is the pioneer local guide and tour operator in the Lower Omo Valley region. He studied Business Administration, Economics and Tourism and worked as a national tour guide and CEO for international and local Ethiopian tour and travel companies based in Addis Ababa until he started his own business. Minalu has a great love for his country with a deep concern for its culture and nature. He is also determined to promote his beautiful country, especially the Omo Valley, in various ways.

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