Omo Valley Photography tour - 10 Days

Omo Valley photography tours

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Omo Valley Photography Tour Itinerary

Day 1
Fly Addis – Jimma

After your 55-minute flight (if direct) you will visit Aba Jifar palace and Jimma Museum, walk around the city and enjoy the ancient city.
Overnight: Central Hotel Jimma

Day 2
Jima - Mizan Teferi

Drive 230 km from Jimma to Mizan Teferi via Bonga enjoying the beautiful nature, on the way you will explore Wushwush tea farms.
Overnight: Salayish Hotel

Day 3
Mizan – Kibish (Surma / Suri tribe)

Drive 100km on an asphalt road to Dimma through the beautiful tropical canappys and stop in Dimma for lunch. Continue the 90km gravel road to Kibish. Until the team setup the camping, you will do photography by the Kibish River.
Overnight: Camping

Day 4
Kibish - Visit Surma / Suri People

After having breakfast at the camp, you will head to a Suri village where you will find photogenic tribal paintings and large lip plated women. Return to our campsite for lunch and a break, then head to another Suri village and do your photography.
Overnight: Camping

Day 5
Kibish – Nyangatom Tribe

After breakfast, drive 150km from Kibish to Omo National Park via the new road to Omo sugar factories and pay the mandatory entrance fee at the park. After lunch you will continue 90 km drive on asphalt road to Nyangatom village.
Overnight: Camping

Day 6
Nyangatom Tribe – Karo Tribe

After breakfast and morning photography with the Nyangatom tribe, continue about 80 km to Karo Korcho on a partially asphalt and partially bumpy road. In the afternoon you will get the best photos of the famous Kara tribe who live by the Omo River.
Overnight: Camping

Day 7
Karo Tribe - Turmi (Hamar tribe)

Do your during the best morning light then depart for 80km drive to Turmi. You will have lunch at Buska Lodge and stay there for the night. You will take a break from camping by staying at the best lodge in Omo Valley. In the afternoon, you may see the Bull Jumping Ceremony (optional) and a tribal market (optional) if available or a Hamar village.
Overnight: Buska Lodge

Day 8
Turmi – Omo Rate (Dassanech tribe) – Turmi (Hamar Tribe)

Drive to 70km to Omo Rate and explore the Dassanech tribe. You will return back to Turmi for lunch and visit a Hamar or Banna tribal market such as, Dimeka market, Turmi market or Alduba market depending on the day (Monday, Tuesday, Saturday). you may also visit the bull jumping ceremony (optional)
Overnight: Buska Lodge

Day 9
Turmi – Arbore Tribe - Konso - Arba Minch

After breakfast, drive 280km to Arba Minch via Arbore tribe and Konso. On the way you will visit Konso village. You will also visit Dorze village 30km from Arba-Minch.
Overnight: Hayle Resort Arba Minch

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Omo Valley Photography tour

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