Omo River Valley Tour - 7 Days

Get authentic Omo River Valley tour with the #1 cultural tour operators with 100% excellent TripAdvisor reviews. We offer you with unique Omo River tours that will give you the opportunity to experience the unique tribes in a natural approach. It is not the same when you travel with a local travel operator from the Omo River Valley.

Booking your Lower Omo River Valley tours with a local company has many benefits. You will be warmly welcomed by the people because you are with one of them. The locals will also appreciate the job opportunity you are creating for their community and will be happy that you are with them. You will also learn the real insight of the culture and rituals. You will get the chance to experience life like one of them and enjoy a real intercultural experience. In general you will be able to get enriching lifetime experience from your Omo River Valley Tours in Ethiopia.

Get in touch with Omo Valley Travel and Tours; we will plan the journey of a life to you and your cliques. You will meet with our family and be entertained by the warm and profound welcome by our relatives.  We hope that we will be your choice for many reasons and that we promise you in advance that your Omo River Valley tour will be the best trip ever!!!


This tour let you experience and explore the most of Omo River Valley with in a short time. You will get cultural immersion, genuine and unforgettable lifetime experience with the tribes. You will be warmly welcomed by the community of this unique region because you choose a local tour operator in the region. 

Trip Highlights

  • Mursi tribe
  • Hamar tribe
  • Karo / Kara tribe
  • Dassanech / Daasanach tribe
  • Bull Jumping Ceremony

Trip Includes & Excludes

Omo Valley Tour Cost: Includes

  • This Omo Valley tour cost includes:
  • AC functional 4WD Car including fuel and driver
  • Accommodation during the tour
  • Food; 6 breakfast, 7 lunch and 6 dinner
  • Drinks; water, soft drinks, hot beverages
  • Entrance fees; village fees, park entrance fees
  • local guide fee: local guide per diem in all destinations (mandatory)

Omo Valley Tour Cost: Excludes

  • International & Domestic Airfare,
  • Visa Charges,
  • Hotel Expenses (In Addis Ababa),
  • Your travel and medical insurance,
  • Personal Expenses such as shopping,
  • bar bills, telephone, laundry etc,
  • Food and accommodations in Addis Ababa,
  • Bull Jumping ceremony and/or other ceremonial events (optional)
  • Emergency expenses such as expenses on chartered helicopter or vehicle off the program.


Day 1
Fly Addis Ababa – Jinka

Visit Jinka and around, if it is a market day you will be able to visit a market in Jinka or the nearby towns such as: Kako, Gaazer, Yetnebersh and Kayssa.

Overnight: Eco-Omo Lodge (the best in Jinka)

Day 2
Drive Jinka – Mursi Village – Turmi

After breakfast at your lodge, depart early to non-touristic Mursi Village (50 km one way drive on gravel road) so as to get a genuine experience with the famous Mursi people. Return back to Jinka for lunch and continue to Turmi town of the Hamar tribe. On the way you will visit a Banna or Hamar tribal market depending on the day (if it is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday). There is no market for the remaining 3 days.

Overnight: Buska Lodge or Paradise Lodge (the best in Turmi)

Day 3
Drive Turmi – Omo Rate – Turmi

Depart to Omo Rate town 70 km south on asphalt road to meet with the Dassanech tribe who are also called People of the Omo River Delta. Omo Rate is the last border town in South Western Ethiopia so your visa and passport should be examined by immigration officials and head to one of the best non-touristy Dassanech villages and experience life genuinely without affecting the normal day to day life. You will return to Turmi for lunch and some rest as the weather in Omo Rate is the hottest in the entire Lower Omo River Valley of Ethiopia. Then visit Hamar Village in the late afternoon.
Overnight: Buska Lodge or Paradise Lodge (the best in Turmi)

Day 4
Drive Turmi – Karo Tribe – Turmi

Drive from Turmi to Karo Korcho 60 km mostly on asphalt road to the most popular and attractive Karo tribe village. The village is located on a hill where the Omo River makes a zigzag turn. You will meet the beautiful Kara tribe and interact genuinely by not rushing to take pictures. After getting an enriching experience with the Karo tribe and learning the real local perspective of the cultures, you will return to Turmi for lunch. After lunch, you will visit a tribal market available in the area. There is a possibility to see the Hamar bull jumping ceremony during your stay in Turmi town (optional).
Overnight: Buska Lodge or Paradise Lodge (the best in Turmi)

Day 5
Drive Turmi - Konso

Drive 200 km to Konso village on a partially gravel and partially asphalt road. On the way you will visit the available tribal market (if preferable and available to be decided by your guide by considering the previous day’s activities) and stop for lunch either in Key Afer or Woyto towns depending on your morning activity. In the afternoon, you will visit one of the unique Konso villages which are UNESCO world heritage sites. You will also visit a traditional palace of one of the 9 kings of the 9 Konso clans and the graveyard in a sacred forest where his ancestors are barred and grave marks called Waka are erected.
Overnight: at Kanta Lodge (the best in Konso)

Day 6
Drive Konso - Arba Minch

Drive 90 km to Arba Minch and check in to your hotel. After your break and lunch, continue to Dorze village and explore the unique attractions of the Dorze people. The village is located at an altitude of 2400m which is the same as the altitude of Addis Ababa. Your lowest altitude of this tour is in Omo Rate which is 360m above sea level. After enjoying the beautiful Dorze landscape and the people you will return back to Arba Minch for the night.
Overnight: at Hayle Resort (the best in Arba Minch)

Day 7
Fly Arba Minch - Addis Ababa

In the morning of this day, you will head to Lake Chamo for a short boat trip. It is highly likely to see Crocodiles and Hippos in the Lake. You will also see some of the beautiful lake birds. After lunch in Arba Minch, you will be taken to the airport to catch your flight back to Addis Ababa and it will be the end of your tour with Omo Valley Travel & Tours.

Frequently asked Questions

Is the Omo Valley safe?

The omo valley is the safest part in the entire Ethiopia travel destinations. There is no report of security issues on tourists for the last 30 years.
Omo Valley Travel & Tours is a local operator based in Jinka, the heart of Omo River valley. We take you to the villages to meet with our friend from the tribes.

Omo River Map

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Explore Remote Villages of the Omo River Valley Tribes

Most activities of this tour involve exploring the Omo Valley tribes in remote villages. We are local operator from the region and we take you to villages were no other tourists go. Your experience with the tribes will be a genuine and authentic one. On this tour you will have the chance to visit: Mursi People famous for wearing a lip plate by women; Hamar People famous for the Bull Jumping Ceremony, Kara Tribe known for elaborate body and facial painting, as well as the Dassanech / Daasanach tribe also called people of the Omo River delta.

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Omo River Valley Tour

Omo River Valley Tour

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  • Flight to Jinka
  • Arba Minch
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  • By a Local Guide who speak native languages - in English
  • Cultural Tour
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