Lalibela tours; book your trip to the 8th World Wonders site with Top Omo Valley Tours, the best Omo valley tour operator in Ethiopia. Lalibela is a small town in northern Ethiopia that is home to some of the most incredible churches and monasteries in the world. These churches were carved out of solid rock over 800 years ago, and they remain a popular pilgrimage site for both Christians and tourists alike.

The 11 churches of Lalibela are a UNESCO World Heritage site, and it’s easy to see why. They are absolutely breathtaking, and their history is fascinating. If you’re ever in Ethiopia, be sure to add Lalibela to your itinerary – you won’t regret it! Top Omo Valley Tours organize great trips to Lalibela churches.

Omo Valley Tours from Addis Ababa

Get the best Omo Valley tours from Addis Ababa by Top Omo Valley Tours, the best recommended Omo Valley Tour operator in Ethiopia. Check what our guests say about our Omo Valley Tours from Addis Ababa on TripAdvisor. If you want to visit the Omo Valley tribes on an authentic tour led by a local? You are on the right track. Check out the Omo Valley tours we offer. We can customize your tailor-made itinerary for visiting the Omo.

You can book from 3 to 8 days of Omo Valley Tours from Addis Ababa. For photographers who have a personal and professional interest in the Omo Valley, we offer your unique itineraries from 9 to 15 days of photography adventure packages to the Lower Omo Valley tribes. We will put your budget into consideration while preparing your custom tour. You can also choose one of the Omo Valley tours from Addis Ababa and reduce the cost by staying in mid-range and budget accommodations during the trip. All trip-package includes luxury accommodations, so there will be a significant reduction in price on all of our trip packages if you stay in mid-range or budget accommodations.

Lalibela and Omo Valley Tour
10 Days - 9 Nights
Visit the Omo Valley tribes and Lalibela rock curved churches. Explore the two best Ethiopian destinations in 7 days. Book your Lalibela and Omo Valley tours now.
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