Konso tour; visit Konso and Omo Valley tribes with Top Omo Valley Tours, the best local Omo Valley tour guide and operator in Ethiopia. Konso is a UNESCO world town in southern Ethiopia, some Konso villages are over 1000 years old. Waka or totem is erected on hero’s & chief’s graves in the Konso community.

Konso art is a form of Ethiopian art that is known for its colorful and intricate designs. This type of art is often used to decorate the walls of homes and businesses, as well as to make traditional Ethiopian clothing. Konso art is a beautiful way to add color and life to any space, and it is a great way to show pride in one’s culture. Discover the only cultural site of UNESCO in Ethiopia with Top Omo Valley Tours.

Omo Valley Tours from Jinka

Book unique Omo Valley Tours from Jinka, it is a central city to visit the tribes of the Omo Valley. It is also the administrative capital of the South Omo Zone of the SNNPR region in Ethiopia. You can make day trips to the villages of the Mursi and Hamar tribes. You can also visit the most authentic and unique tribes within a few day tours. Minalu Adem, the founder of Top Omo Valley Tours, was born and raised in Jinka. He speaks the local language well enough and has written books about the tribes of the Omo Valley. Book your Southern Ethiopia tribal tours with Minalu and get an unforgettable cultural experience with Omo Valley tribes.

Visit the Omo valley Ethiopia tribes by booking 5-star rated Omo Valley Tours from Jinka on TripAdvisor. There is a daily flight to Jinka (Baco). The flight usually arrives around 10:30 am in the morning. Upon arrival in Jinka, you can take a city tour and visit sights such as the Jinka Museum and a nearby village of the Ari tribe or continue to Turmi on the same day you arrive in Jinka. Book authentic Omo Valley tours from Jinka, SNNPR, Ethiopia at an affordable price. You will have the chance to witness the most amazing cultural events on our planet like the Hamar bull jumping ceremony, the Mursi tribe stick fighting ceremony (Donga), the Dassanech tribe circumcision ceremony (Dimi), etc. At your request, we can arrange a unique itinerary. We will also consider your budget in the itinerary we make just for you. We look forward to hearing from you, contact us and send us your inquiries.

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