Omo Valley Travel

Book your affordable Ethiopian cultural tour packages with Omo Valley Travel, get best Southern Ethiopia packages from Addis Ababa, Jinka or Arba Minch with local tour operator founded by (Minalu Adem) a native from Omo River Valley, with cultural tour experience to the tribes since 2005. Omo Valley Travel is a responsible and sustainable tour company that operates enriching cultural immersion tours to Southern Ethiopia, mainly to the Omo River Valley tribes which is one of the most intact cultural landscapes in Ethiopia, Africa – and the world.

    Best CEO/Guide

    Minalu Adem (founder) outstretched his travel service from locally operating in Omo Valley since 2004 which is also his birthplace. He is the best guide you can find for tours to Omo Valley tribes. Minalu published his first book about the tribes in 2013 and the second in 2017; both books sold over 10,000 copies within Ethiopia. He also appeared on several documentaries on Omo Valley and explained in-depth about the regions rich cultural heritages. For these and several other reasons our tours to these amazing people (our families) honestly exceed any of the other operators in Ethiopia.

    About Omo Valley Travel

    Founded by Minalu Adem, who is originally from the Omo Valley tribes with over 15 years of experience in guiding and organizing tours in Ethiopia; who also is the author of the first guide book about the Omo Valley tribes, our organization is committed to preserving, understanding, and sharing Ethiopia’s rich historic and cultural heritages in a sustainable and responsible manner. Working in partnerships with local tribal communities, Omo Valley Travel provide responsible and enriching tours that celebrate the diverse traditions of Africa‚Äôs last frontier.

    Omo Valley Travel mainly operates tours to one of the most intact places in the world, The Omo River Valley, it embraces 16 distinct ethnic groups with unique language and culture. These fascinating people lives isolated, extreme and particularly ancient way of life. However, they decorate themselves lavishly and their colorful dress and beautification customs give them an identity and highlights their uniqueness. Their dress is often scant, commonly utilizing skins and other natural resources. However, for men and women alike, it is usual to adorn with jewelry, beads, clay face and body painting, feathers, ear and lip plates, bodily scarification and other practices. The ceremonial events that each of these tribes perform, usually during and after harvesting, is among the best incidents to witness for travelers.