Omo Valley Tour and Travel

Omo Valley Tour and Travel, Addis Ababa and Jinka, Ethiopia

Omo Valley Tour and Travel is a locally owned cultural tour operator founded in 2007 by Minalu Adem, a local from Jinka town in the South Omo Zone. Based in Addis Ababa and Jinka, South Omo Zone, SNNPR, we offer authentic tribal and ethnic travel packages to Omo Valley tribes in Ethiopia. We also run trips to tribes around Lake Turkana in Northern Kenya.

Experience authentic tours to the tribes of the Omo Valley in Ethiopia with Omo Valley Tour and Travel. Book tribal adventures off the beaten path to remote tribal villages along the Omo River with the best tour operator and guide in Jinka, Ethiopia. Travel with #1 of the best-rated Omo Valley tour operators in Ethiopia by TripAdvisor!

The founder, Minalu Adem, was born and raised in Jinka, a town in the heart of the Omo Valley that is the leading tourist destination in the South Omo Zone. In January 2022, he celebrated his 15th anniversary as a tour operator and tour guide. He is the best tour guide in the Omo Valley and speaks most of the tribal languages.

Omo Valley Tour and Travel: the best Omo valley tour operator and guide.

Minalu is passionately interested in the region’s rich cultural heritage and has written books about the Omo Valley. He is the well-respected guide by senior members of the tribes, including chiefs and clan leaders. His experience, acceptance as a local in the region, and community support through his company make him the best tour operator and guide in the Omo Valley, southern Ethiopia. He is well-recommended as the best tribal tour operator on TripAdvisor.

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We are a local Omo Valley tour operator in Addis Ababa and Jinka, Ethiopia. We have excellent recommendations on Google Business and TripAdvisor. We have 100% 5-star reviews from our past guests on both platforms. We give back to the communities by hiring them directly as employees and freelance local tour guides and supporting community development projects in the South Omo Zone.

Check out the enriching cultural travel packages we offer. Visit the Lower Omo River Valley with #1 of the best Omo Valley tour companies in Southern Ethiopia. Travel with the best local tour guide in the region who is passionate and proud about promoting his own culture and tribal lifestyle. Make sure the Omo River Valley is on your bucket list for a lifetime cultural experience with Omo Valley Tour and Travel, the top-reviewed company for Omo Valley Tours in Ethiopia on TripAdvisor.