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Omo Valley

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Omo Valley Travel provides responsible and enriching Omo Valley Tours to Southern Ethiopia tribes from Addis Ababa and Jinka, a central Omo Valley town.

Omo Valley

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Omo Valley Travel is a homegrown tour operator outstretched from the Omo Valley tribes, and operating mainly to the Omo Valley and Southern Ethiopia.

Omo Valley

The Omo Valley

Named after its geographical feature and the famous Omo River, the Omo Valley is a spectacularly beautiful area with diverse attractions, ecosystems, cultures and languages. The natural beauty of the Omo River Valley is unsurpassed. The diverseness of the people, the languages, the traditions and the landscape (in a comparatively small area) is unequalled anywhere on this vast continent. The untainted attire and intrinsic majesty of the people living in an age-old traditional manner will touch the hearts of all who come here and the images will stain the visitors’ memory long after they return home. More about the Omo Valley


Mursi Tribe, Omo Valley

The Mursi live in an almost inaccessible area between the Mago and Omo Rivers within the Valley. They are predominantly nomadic pastoral but they also engage in limited agriculture. Cattle are the Mursi’s most prized possession.... Omo Valley/Mursi Tribe


Hamar Tribe, Omo Valley

The Hamar people are principally pastoralists, breeding cattle, goats and sheep. They have a similar veneration for cattle as their close neighbors. The women and girls grow crops, with the staple being sorghum, they ... Omo Valley/Hamar Tribe


Kara Tribe, Omo Valley

Unlike with the lowland pastoralists, cattle are owned in small numbers by the Kara, and goats are their main livestock. Although pastoralist by tradition, the Kara now subsist growing sorghum, maize and other crops because of the ... Omo Valley/Kara Tribe


Dassanech Ethnic Group

The Dassanech live around the Omo delta on the northern side of Lake Turkana. They practice flood retreat cultivation, pastoralism and fishing. The Dassanech are the most southerly ethnic group living in Ethiopia’s Omo valley. ... Omo Valley/Dassanech Tribe


Nyangatom Ethnic Group

The Nyangatom are predominantly pastoralists but they also practice dry farming during the wet season and flood cultivation along the west bank of the Lower Omo and at Kibish Rivers during the dry season. ... Omo Valley/Nyangatom Tribe


Suri Tribe, Omo Valley

The Suri are agro-pastoralists who live in the lowlands to the west of the Omo bordering Sudan and live Suri live a similar lifestyle to the Mursi. As with the Mursi, cattle are invaluable to them. For both these peoples, it is the woman’s job ... Omo Valley/Suri Tribe

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